A 1941 Hahn was purchased to replace the 1925 Hahn. Notice the rabbit that is displayed on the door of the engine. The rabbit has become the insignia if the fire company. Do you know why? Check out the History of the Bunny.

Four 35,000-gallon cisterns were constructed in town to supplement the fire dam. The first was constructed in 1937 on the fire company property. The second was constructed in front lawn of the Rothsville School on Church Street in 1945. A third was located on the Charles Zook property. The last was built on the Elias Landis property on Skyview Road. These cisterns are still in use today to supplement the public water system.

A squad truck was purchased in 1946. It was a 1941 Chevrolet Panel Truck.


In 1948, land was purchased from John and Lizze Kulp at 2071 Main Street. A two bay fire house was built on this land in 1949. This is the current location of the fire company. The building can be seen in the 1970 picture below. Also pictured is the 1941 Hahn.

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