VolunteerBecoming a volunteer involves submitting an on-line preliminary application, successful background check and interview with the membership committee. Once all of this is done, you would come to the next business meeting where a vote will be taken on your application for membership.
New members without firefighting experience will complete basic firefighting training classes. All required training classes are available at no cost to members and have varying schedules. All firefighters receive basic firefighting training by certified instructors at local accredited training facilities. Additional training is offered in other specialized areas. Besides attending training offered and responding to emergency calls, members meet each Monday evening for training drills.
Once a member has attained certain minimum levels of training, they are then able to participate in fire suppression and rescue operations. After additional training, members become apparatus drivers and operators. Members may provide other services such as administration, education, and fund raising. Volunteer members are expected to participate on a regular basis within the limits of their personal schedules.